Ahmed Badawy

Full-Stack Developer

Ahmed Badawy

Full-Stack Developer

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Hi, i'm Ahmed Badawy!

Programer/Full-Stack Developer

Hi! My name is Ahmed Badawy El-Said. I'm 27 years old Egyptian (Very Good Fullstack Developer). Over the last 6 years i have developed plenty of (Backend/Frontend Websites / Mobile Applications(android/ios/window phone) / Desktop Applications(windows/linux/osx) ) using programming languages.


Personal Data

Name Ahmed Badawy ElSayed
Age 27 years old ( Born 11 July 1990 )
Nationality Egyptian - From Cairo/Egypt
Living At Doha/Qatar
Marital Status Single
Education B.Sc. in Computer Scince (6th place on class)
Website Ahmed-Badawy.com
Blog Personal Blog
Languages Arabic & English (Learning German)
Other Info Touch Typing Skill - Can Drive - NonSmoker
Experience 5 Years as a Programer/Developer
Phone Qatar: +947 3900207       Has(WhatsApp, Viber)
Egypt: +20 1111988246
Email me@ahmed-badawy.com OR:
Skype ID Ahmed.Badawy.X

For HR

Main Techs PHP, JS & Node , AngularJS, Laravel, Vue2 (Ready to learn anything)
Location Currently located in Doha/Qatar
Relocation Ready to be relocated (alone not bringing anybody)
Relocated When As soon as possible
Residency No, I don't have EU residency or a work permit

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In a NutShell

What Am I ?

  • Backend Websites/Web-Applications Developer : Stack(
          PHP=>(Zend=>Codeigniter=>Laravel) ,
          Ruby=>(Rails) ,

  • API developer & restful api creator : Stack(
          Laravel=>(Lumen) ,
          Jenkins 2 Deployment ,
          Swagger Based API ,
          PostMan Based Testing

  • Frontend Websites/Web-Applications Developer : Stack(
          HTML ,
          CSS ,

  • Desktop Applications Developer(Windown/OSX/Linux) : Stack( JavaFX=>Electron )
  • Mobile Cross Developer(Android/IOS/Windows phone) : Stack( Ionic=>Ionic 2 )
  • Browser Extensions & Plugins(Chrome/Opera/Firefox) : Stack ( WebExtensions API->(html,css,js) )
  • Bots (but i have no AI experience) : Stack ( Facebook Messenger API / Slack Bot API )
  • So I guess you can call me a (FullStack Developer).

Why should you hire me ?

  • Over the time i acquired a unique ability to learn any technology fast & easily with or without an instructor. That made me highly adaptive to the work environment.
  • My greatest asset is I'm very very passionate about my work & I'm a fast self learner
  • I am a multi technology guy, by that i mean that i love programing in general, Not one technology of it, So expect me to learn new technologies every day.
  • I'm experienced in Executing/Programing all Ideas with all it's forms & technologies (Very Resourceful)
  • Had experience developing crawler-apps/ that extracts content from any website. (very helpful to extract/collect data)
  • Very good background in handling & creating APIs & resetful services
  • Had experience dealing with famous APIs & SDKs Like (Facebook SDK , twitter api , dropbox api , paypal api , stripe api , mailgun api)
  • I know the Basics about SEO and i build tools that helps you improve the websites ranking. also I can create facebook ads & google ads & monitor them. (I make marketing guys life easier by automating their work)
  • I have both CCNA , CCNP Certifications from cisco, that improved me very very much in networking & dealing with them

What's my faults ?

  • I'm not a good speaker. Don't get me wrong I'm the guy you go to get things done. But I'm not the guy that will talk about it.
  • I get very nervous in interviews & similar events.
  • I'm a quite person, I have the (quite guy setting in the corner) personality.
  • I'm a decent designer but I don't like designing.
  • I'm not your guy if you are searching for this:
    • someone who would create wordpress template all day long
    • I'm not touching java ever again except under extreme circumstances
    • I have a strong fellings against meteor.js (hate it)

What Technologies I am Dealing with ?

  • HTML-- CSS-- JS-- jQuery-- Angular 1-- React-- Angular 2

  • PHP-- CodeIgniter-- Laravel-- Node-- Express-- Hapi

  • SQL-- MySQL-- SQLite-- Mongo-- FireBase

  • Ionic 1-- Ionic 2-- Electron-- Web Extensions API(Google-Opera-Firefox)

  • Git-- NPM-- Composer-- Gulp-- Socket.io-- Yeoman-- Bower-- Webpack

  • Bootstrap-- Sass-- Stylus-- D3-- Google Maps

  • WordPress-- Hexo-- Progressive Web APPs

  • WHM-- Cpanel-- Heroku Cloud-- Digital Ocean Droplets

  • VMs-- Vagrant-- Docker

  • Regex-- JSON-- XML-- RSS Feed-- Service Scrapers

  • Photoshop-- Word-- Excel-- Access-- Visio-- Google Docs

  • Micorosoft Windows-- Linux Ubuntu

& I'm very willing to learn new things, that means what ever your company's stack is (i'm in)


Web Development (Back end) Skills

Web Development (Front End) Skills

Other Development Concepts

  • 70% Complete
    Mobile Application Development (Android/IOS/Windows Phone) : Ionic 1 - Ionic 2 70%
  • 80% Complete
    Desktop Application Development : Electron 80%
  • 80% Complete
    Git Technologies - CSS Preprocessors: SCSS, Stylus, Less 80%
  • 40% Complete
    Unit Testing - Mobile Prototyping 40%
  • I have other skills too but they are irrelevant. For EX: Photoshop - Grunt - Gulp - Bower - SASS - Stylus - Composer - NPM.


Bachelor Degree

Misr Higher Institute for Commerce & Computers (4 Years Course) - Graduation May 2014

I have a bachelor degree in Computer Scince from Misr Higher Institute for Commerce & Computers in Mansoura with - Grade Very Good V.G & 6th Place on My Class.


Computers & Informations (4 Years Course) - Graduation May 2014

I have a bachelor degree in Computer Science from the faculty of Computers & Informations of Mansoura.

Self Learner

Motivated Self Learning (For 10 Years)

I have been taking every course & seminar i could for the last 10 years. i learned every thing using books & online courses. Over the time i acquired a unique ability to learn any technology fast & easily with or without any instructor at all. That made me highly adaptive to the work environment.

Projects List

Work Experience


Freelance Full-stack Developer Feb 2013 - Now

I developed many websites & applications in Saudi Arabia & the gulf area as a freelancer & under other companies names.


Full-Stack Web Developer Apr 2013 - Now

I Co-founded Spidro.com to provide hosting services, web development and desktop applications services for my local area.


Full-Stack Developer Aug 2015 - Jan 2016

I worked as a Full-Stack Developer at erest.sa development company in Saudi Arabia.


Senior Web Developer Feb 2016 - Apr 2016

I Worked as a remote Senior Web Developer at DRK.com.sa publication company in Saudi Arabia


BackEnd Web Developer - Apr 2014 - Dec 2014

I worked at EGprices startup company as a Backend developer (PHP,Laravel) Web Developer


Full-Stack Web developer Jan 2015 - Aug 2015

i worked in Edfa3ly.co as Full-Stack Web Developer

WallPost SoftWare ERP Solutions

Full-Stack developer Nov 2015 - Now

i'm currently working in wallpost ERP soution in qatar for as a Full-Stack Web Developer



  • Cisco ICND1 Exam 640-822
  • Cisco ICND2 Exam 640-816
  • Cisco CCNP Exam 642-902 ROUTE
  • Cisco CCNP Exam 642-813 SWITCH
  • Cisco CCNP Exam 642-832 TSHOOT
  • Acquired CCNA Certification (At 2011 - Expired Now)
  • Acquired CCNP Certification (At 2013 - Expired Now)


  • Adobe PhotoShop Course Completion from HI-Q Academy
  • Adobe illustrator Course Completion from HI-Q Academy
  • Adobe indesign Course Completion from HI-Q Academy
  • Java Course Completion from New Horizon (4 month course)
  • English Course Completion from Poinear


Movies & Cinema

I love movies & i'm a great fan of Hollywood films.


I like food & i think that i'm a good cook

Technology Related Topics & Books

i really really like to read & watch technology related videos & books.


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+974 33900207
+20 1111988246

WhatsApp, Viber

+974 33900207



Thank You!

“Ideas are the beginning points of all fortunes”

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